My Note

rg –helpMake help useful on Windows
rg -l NEEDLEList matching files only
rg -c NEEDLEList matching files, including a count
rg -i NEEDLESearch case-insensitively
rg –no-filename NEEDLEDon’t print filenames, handy when you care about the match more than the file
rg -v NEEDLEInvert matching: show lines that do not match
rg NEEDLE README.mdSearch only in specified file(s)
rg -c –sort modified NEEDLESort the results (-sortr to reverse)
rg -g ‘!*.nuspec’ NEEDLESearch in everything but *.nuspec files
rg -e NEEDLE1 -e NEEDLE2Search for multiple patterns
rg -z NEEDLESearch in gzip, bzip2, xz, LZ4, LZMA, Brotli and Zstd compressed files
rg –type-listDisplays built-in available types and their corresponding globs
rg -tcs -tconfigSearch in file types cs and config